Life Mentoring


Where are you now, what are your goals and how does your individual way look like


What are you believe systems, what did you go through, what did you experience


Giving ideas, thoughts and sharing experience to show you how you can improve your life

- for -

individual growth

mindset training

spiritual input

conscious living

open being

- why life mentoring -


We can achieve everything what we want / what we desire / what we dream of. The main issue with this: Most of us never learnt the ways and tools needed for such big goals. My Life Mentoring is built from the ground up to show you all that traditional coachings and school do not tell. 


As with all tools and techniques, knowing is step one. In my Mentoring we go deep into this knowledge and discuss multiple individual ways on how to use this knowledge for your goal and life phase. 

Outside View

Over years we trained ourselves to act in a specific way. In our daily lives we tend to function on autopilot most of the time. We forget about this and do net recognize it any more. Even wore: We tell ourselves that this is our normal state of being. 
This Mentoring serves as an advisory teaching looking at you and your life from the outside. This is critical to be able to tell you what you should change and do to overcome your dailye autopilot which also keeps you away from most of your dreams and goals.

Self awarenesss

As you recognize our habits, improving and becoming the best version of ourself is my biggest goal for you. In this process I show you how you become your own monitor, how you can listen to yourself and, most importantly, how you can develope your very personal techniques which only work for you best. You get to see lots of creative techniques and eye-opening ideas so that you become your own powerhouse for reaching goals, manifesting your dreams and living your best life ever.

- prices -

Life Mentoring - group
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Life Mentoring - individual
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