Artist Support

Lots of talented musical artists do not have the option to get a professional production.  

Even worse: More and more people do not have to financial resources to get coaching for their dream instruments and life.

I am here to change that!

Being an artist often means getting already expensive equipment, rehearse for multiple hours a day to get the right amount of profession. So there is not much time and resource left for all the other important things. 

I want to be able to give productions and even coachings for free. For this goal I need your support. You get all of these mentioned inspiration content. In return, you enter the basic inspiration membership for a low monthly fee (or an higher one).

All memberships count!

As soon as MaglerWorld reaches the below mentioned membership counts,

I can start acting and help artists and those who want to become one.

These are the numbers that mark my milestones:









Your membership:

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