Creative Mentoring


Where are you now, what are your goals and how does your individual way look like


Checking all of your subprojects in terms of CI, CD and your guidelines


Giving ideas, thoughts and sharing experience to show you how your project can be done professional


Leading productions of your project as creative director or creative advisor


Producing parts of your project up to taking care of all parts needed. No need to pay the full production price

- info -

„Great projects need a big amount of
planning, organizing, controlling and creative ideas to stand out. 
In most cases musicians and artist a damned to do all these themselves.“

Creative Mentoring is a symbiosis of coaching, advising and directing from the creative perspective. It offeres you a manager-like support with giving you free will at any stage and an experienced second pair of eyes, ears and creative controll instance ensuring that all parts of your project follow your guidelines, corporate design and more.

- for -

individual growth

music production

show production

visual works

band coaching

- if you -

want to ensure stable professional quality throughout your projects

need advice from an experienced third person not part of your project

are looking for a creative director / advisor for your project

starting your very first project

are not sure how to proceed effectively

need a plan for your creative career

need support for your music, visual or life productions

- why creative mentoring -


When I started my musical and creative career, I have done everything on my own (as most of today´s creatives do). Beside my music, where I did everything from the very first note through arranging, recording, mixing, mastering and releasing, I planned my social media, did lots of my video shots including planning and storyboarding to stage design and so on.
This is not just time consuming. It takes away your focus from the things you actually want to do which was making music in my case.


Additionally the even bigger point in all that is the trial and error most of us have to go through cause of missing knowledge and experience. There are lots of advice videos out there, but no one knows your individual situation and goals. 

Outside View

Now I know that it is always a good idea to have an additional creative person on board, who keeps track of all that stuff and enables an higher state of professional work remote viewing from the outside of your project.

Project oriented advice

Over the last 8 years I have seen countless examples for music, visual and life projects including my own where small advices, ideas and and controlling eyes with the whole thing in mind would have improved those works and proceeded my career a lot faster. 

Easier work

I am here to give you that kind of support that I wished to have from the very beginning to prevent you from being forced to do the same hard and long defocusing work again as I and lots of my dear friends had to do.

- prices -

Artist Recording lite (per Instrument)
Artist Recording (per Instrument)
Artist Recording+ (per Instrument)
Arranging (per Song)
Preproduction (per Song)
Recording lite